Accelerating our mission to connect and unite the community through collaboration, education, and resources by providing local access to an alliance of vendors, non-profits, and educational partners


In a mission to support diverse talent interested in the marketing industry, The HUB has partnered with Coursera to offer a Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program. This Marketing Program is an extensive compilation of 5 courses offered over a period of 6 months where students can work at their own pace. Highlights included within the courses are hands-on interactive labs, expert-graded assessments, and soft skill development. After completion of the program, students are eligible to receive a Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate. This certificate provides a first stepping-stone for professionals from all backgrounds to enter a new career in marketing. The HUB recognizes that training is simply the beginning so through this program, learners are ensured support in preparing themselves for roles within the marketing industry.

San Mateo Community College District

The HUB has paired up with San Mateo Community College to offer opportunities in professional continuing education and workforce development. Courses provided through this partnership provide remote online learning for local community members/students seeking new and/or expanded career pathways. We are excited to offer a variety of courses that engage the desire to further career education and advancement. The selection of courses ranges from Small Business Media Marketing to Data Analysis to an Intensive English Program, and more.

Nuestra Casa

The HUB greatly believes in Nuestra Casa’s mission to “uplift Latino families in East Palo Alto and the mid-peninsula through community education, leadership development, and advocacy”. We have partnered with Nuestra Casa to provide greater reach and access to their English as a Second Language Program (ESL). Together, The HUB and Nuestra Casa hope to provide the opportunity for immigrants to become active participants in their schools and local communities through learning English. We value the needs of our local community and recognize the demand for immigrants to have access to resources that enhance skills for both professional and personal growth.

Good Roots

In addition to the importance of contributing career and educational opportunities, The HUB is excited to present fun, more leisurely events for the community to connect outside of the classroom and workplace. We understand how essential it is to not only create a professional network, but also a social one where you can partake in family fun and build lasting relationships with your “neighbors”. We have partnered with Good Roots Events who are a local business committed to building relationships between local vendors and community members in the Bay Area. Good Roots teams up with sustainable farms, food purveyors, and local artists, in order to bring the best of the Bay Area to our communities. Through this partnership, The HUB will sponsor live events such as Pumpkin Paint Parties, Holiday Decorating Classes, and more.